Section 38 & 278

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Rocon Contractors have been delivering Section 38 and 278 Highways & Infrastructure projects for the past 25 years and in recent years we have delivered S278 projects for companies such as Lidl and Morrisons Supermarkets, KFC and many other developers.


Some of these projects have required complex negotiations with the County or City Council, as they have involved replacement intelligent transport systems (ITS), industrial asphalts and carriageway strengthening solutions.


Some projects for example, may only require a simple new bellmouth entrance into a small housing development, but all of these projects require meticulous planning and programming, as well as partnering with sub-contractors in order to be delivered successfully.


At Rocon, we are proficient and skilled in delivering these projects for developers. Our considerable experience and success in such projects allows the client to have confidence that we will deliver the project to their specifications and they can then focus their attentions on their development.